The Largest UK SCRIGNO Stockist of Stech Cassette and Scrignokit Systems

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New S-Tech Stock Brochure

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New Scrignokit

Stock Brochure

Scrigno Stech 

Precision factory assembled pocket door cassettes.            The fastest system to install

Stech Frame Assembly

Stech Frame Installation

Stech Door 


UK stock delivered direct to site

Scrigno GOLD 

Pocket door cassette system with architrave frame. 

Precision factory assembled solutions for non standard door sizes or acoustic value doors

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Kit Assembly



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UK stock delivered direct to site


Fast on-site assembly method.

Pre-finished white jamb kits

included for a professional finish.

Space saving & flexible system for on-site use and stock holding. 


Architrave free systems for 

pocket & swing doors 

Pocket and swing doors with hidden doorposts and lintels for architrave free design solutions.