BOSS Door Controls has built its business and has been successful for many years supporting and adding value to our customers' business through our unique sales & marketing concept.

This consists of producing both own branded door control product and marketing material.

Product Branding:
Customer Branding - The door controls can either be packaged in a plain box or customer branded box / sleeve, with our customer unique box end label and product references.

A clear label with our customers logo is fixed onto the cover, alternatively we have made a substantial investment in equipment that will allow us to engrave or etch our customers logo onto the face of the cover.

Project Branding: The customer branding can be extended to our customers client and we can engrave/etch their customers logo, or the logo of a particular development e.g. shopping centre or leisure complex.

Corporate Branding: The logo of a corporate account e.g. Hilton, Sky, Virgin could also be applied to the closer cover.

Any one or a combination of the above processes may be used.

Marketing Support: All of our literature can again be branded to our customers requirements with their company and product details, which will cross refer with and support the product branding.