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Kit Composition:

  • 4 vertical uprights made of plate metal with 0.8 mm thickness, 2 of which reinforced in the initial part with a special 2.4 mm thick metal profile; sliding track, wood spacer, bottom and top base made of 1 mm thick metal;

  • Accessory fittings: 1 bag with hangers, brackets and complementary items for fitting the door, 60 screws (3.5x19 mm) for fastening the plasterboard to the vertical uprights and junction tongue for transforming two single doors into a double door.




scrignokit brochure


Scrignokit is a frame in kit form for plasterboard walls (125mm finished wall) , thanks to the practical snap-together system, is quick and easy to assemble and does not require screws.

The metal box is made throughout in sheet metal. The four models presented cover all the standard-measurement door frame range for imperial and metric doors.

Version Available:

  • 600-800 clear opening: permits making sizes 626, 726, 826mm metric size single doors.

  • 900-1000 clear opening : permits making 926, 1026mm metric size single doors.

  • 580-732 clear opening: permits making sizes 610, 686, 762mm imperial single doors.

  • 808-884 clear opening : permits making 838, 914mm metric size single doors.

Thanks to the “snap” positioning system, size change is simple and error-proof.



  • Fast assembly and perfect installation.

  • Fast and intuitive assembly without screws.

  • Packaging is reduced to a minimum (2260x190x130 mm), easy to transport and handle even on worksites.

  • Easy to install on any plasterboard wall.

  • As functional as a conventional frame.

  • Max weight 120 kg, thickness 35-44 mm

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