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The Equality Act 2010 brings together many aspects of previous legislation.

So far as door closers are concerned it means that reasonable provision and adjustments must be made to buildings so that disabled people can have maximum access to them.
Guidance on how this is to be achieved can be found in Approved Document 'M' (2004 amendment) and BS8300.
These documents stipulate a maximum figure of 30N opening force when measured at 0° (closed) and 22.5N when measured between 30° and 60° open. It is stated that it is preferable that backchecks should not operate before about 80° open and that the max closing force should occur between 0° and 15° of final closing. It is advised
that if it is difficult to measure the force at the door edge, then it can be measured in line with the handles, up to 65mm from the door edge. The figures can be increased by up to 2N in this situation.

The required performance can be achieved by many door closers, however, when used on fire doors, it is recommended that closers achieve at least EN size 3 (18Nm) closing force. To achieve this with opening forces less than 30N at the leading edge of a door the closer must be very efficient. Fewer closers fall into this category.

BOSS door closers have been independently tested to assess their suitability for use on doors which must meet these requirements.

Closers which we recommend for such applications on fire doors.







It must be noted that air pressure, friction from other door hardware, the door and frame and other site conditions can all adversely affect opening forces.

Rack & Pinion 

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Concealed Cam Action

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