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TS1203 budget door closer


Closing Force     EN Size                             3

Specification                                      TS1203

Door Size              Width     (mm)           950

                                   Weight   (kg)                60

Application          Regular fig 1

Mechanism          Rack & pinion

Non Handed

Adjustable Sweep Speed

Adjustable Latch Speed

Silver body & arm

Guarantee                                          10 years

CE Marked

Specification Sheet


Boss Cam Action Data Shet

Declaration of Performance

Optional Cover Finishes

Plated PSS
Plated SSS

Available with TS1224

Specification                                     TS1203

Cover                      Optional 

Stock Finish        Silver no cover

Fixed power size  3

Rack & pinion mechanism

Suitable for light/medium use area including flat entrance doors, student accommodation

10 year guarantee

Silver body & arm

CE Marked fig 1 

Timber doors up to 120 min

Mounting Dimensions

Fitting Instructions

& template

Boss Fig 1 Template
Boss Fig 6 template



At a glance


TS5225BCDA mounting dimensions
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