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TS7 Door  Retaining magnets

Door Retainer.jpg

Holding Force                                         200N

Specification                                  TS7-DRM

Steel casing on all finishes

Manual release button

24V DC

Current draw                         ~ 45 milliamp

High corrosion resistance

CE Marked

Guarantee                                            2 years

Zero residual magnetism

Timber Doors Up to 60 min.    

Specification Sheet


Boss Spec sheet


Plated PSS
Plated SC
Polished Brass

Specification Options                TS7-DRM

Surface Mounting

Stock Finish        4 Options

Flush Mounting 

Floor mounting bracket

Suitable to work with closers power size 3-6

Fire doors up to 60 min

Recommended use with Boss TS7-PSU

2 year guarantee

24V DC Retaining magnet

CE Marked 

Flush, Surface,Floor mount options 

TS7 Fitting Instructions

Boss floor spring instructions



At a glance

TS7 retainers

Plated PSS

Floor Bracket Fitting

Boss floor spring instructions
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