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TS1224  budget door closer


Closing Force     EN Size                             3

Specification                                     TS1224

Door Size              Width     (mm)           950

                                   Weight   (kg)                60

Application          Regular fig 1

Non Handed

Mechanism          Rack & pinion

Adjustable Sweep Speed

Adjustable Latch Speed

Silver mechanism body & arm

Specification Sheet


Boss Cam Action Data Shet

Declaration of Performance

Optional Cover Finishes

Plated PC
Plated SC

Guarantee                                          10 years

CE Marked

Specification                                     TS1224

Cover                      Square

Stock Finish        3 Options

Fitting Instructions

& template

Fixed power size  3

Rack & pinion mechanism

Suitable for light/medium use area including flat entrance doors, student accommodation

10 year guarantee

Economy closer with cover

CE Marked fig 1 

Timber doors up to 120 min

Boss Fig 1 Template
Boss Fig 6 template

Mounting Dimensions



At a glance


TS1203 closer mechanism with square cover

TS5225BCDA mounting dimensions
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