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Closer Type:

Overhead Closer - Surface mounted at the top of the door or on the transom

Concealed Closer – Mounted within the top of the door

Floor Spring – Concealed within the floor supporting the door on pivots which allow it to swing in both directions (double action) or one way only (single action)

Transom Closer – Concealed within the frame above the door with the door mounted on pivots which may allow the door to work in double or single action

Overhead Closer Mechanism Types :

Rack & Pinion - The traditional scissor arm door closer (may also be used with a slide arm and track)

Cam Action - Used with slide arm and track, a highly efficient mechanism providing low opening forces

Emag - Electro-Magnetic mechanism which allows the door to be held –open or swing free as if no closer were fitted

Adjustable Sweep Speed – The speed at which the door closes from fully open (sometimes called closing speed)

Adjustable Latch Speed – The speed at which the door closes over the last few degrees of travel

Adjustable Backcheck – A cushioning action which usually takes effect above 80⁰ open to slow the door's opening speed and protect the door surround and other hardware. This function should not be used as an alternative to a door stop

Adjustable Delayed Action – Controls the closing speed between fully open down to approx. 80. When used the door creeps closed to 80 then closes normally

Closing Force – the power which the closer exerts on the door to move it into the closed position. Usually measured in EN sizes from 1 to 7 which then refer to door sizes and weights

Power Adjustable by Template – The closers power can be changed by altering the position of the closer on the door in accordance with a template provided

Power Adjustment by Spring – The closers power can be adjusted after it is fitted by adjusting the spring tension of the unit to suit door size & site conditions

Adjustable Arm – A scissor arm for over head door closers which allows easy installation when the door frame projects over the door face

Power shoe bracket – The bracket which fits to the frame on a scissor arm door closer which can increase (or decrease) the closing force by reversing its position to slightly alter the arm geometry

Overhead door closer mounting positions:

Figure 1 – Door mounted, pull side, arm bracket to frame

Figure 6 – Door mounted push side additional arm bracket to underside of head frame

Figure 61 – Frame (transom) mounted push side arm bracket to door face

Universal – The closer may be fitted in any of the above applications

Non-handed – The closer can operate a door hinged on the right or left side

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