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scrigno_S-Tech brochure

Framing solutions Glass Door


Glass doors for offer extreme purity of design. The kit includes strongly gripping pressure clamps that eliminate the need to drill holes in glass. Can be fitted only on glass panels of variable thickness (8 or 10 mm).


This kit enables new or existing Scrigno Pocket Doors to be converted into a glass door system. Glass is increasing in popularity due its modern look and the ability to allow more light to travel between space in your building or home.
Scrigno manufacture the pocket door system, Glass is purchased separately through approved or recommended distributors.
The high quality clamps hold the glass in place without having to drill through, making the glass doors more cost effective and installation faster.


  • Available for Single and Double Systems

  • Works with the Scrigno Stech range

  • Can be retro-fitted

  • Additional jamb kits available: Finished (melamine) and Unfinished (paintable)

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