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Why Certifire is important to you

Updated: Jul 5, 2021


Certifire is an independent third-party certification scheme that assures performance, quality, reliability and traceability of products and systems. The Certifire brand is recognised by regulatory authorities worldwide as an international mark of fire safety across a diverse range of products including hardware.

The benefit of Certifire

Choosing a product that carries the mark of a reputable third-party certification body gives assurance as to the performance of the products. Using certified products, correctly installed, provides a powerful demonstration that due diligence's have been served.


It is often a pre-requisite of specification hardware on fire doors being supplied by Architectural Ironmongers to be included within the Certifire scheme, and increasingly included as part of the requirement for doorset ironmongery, which have undergone Certifire certification.

All Boss Door Closer from our Architectural Range of rack & pinion door controls have the additional Third Party testing provided by Certifire. Specify with confidence.

The Architectural Range of specification closers are designed to meet any requirements across the building.

All closers are suited with our recognisable slimline

semi-radius cover and matching finish flat form arm and

PA bracket.


As well as CE and Certifire within the Architectural range we have solutions to meet BS8300/ADM requirements for ease of opening, giving the Specification A.I. the right product for the right price.

Make the Architectural Range the specification of choice across all power sizes

TS4224 * Size 3

TS5224V * Size 2-4 with backcheck

TS5225SA * Size 2-4 with slide arm

TS5225BCDA * Size 2-5 with backcheck & delayed action

TS5226 * Size 3-6 with backcheck

TS7004 * Size 4 Emag

TS7004-SSS emag TS5225SA-Light Bronze

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