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Sliding doors for how we live now

Open plan living has been a trend in home design for many years now. Partition walls

knocked down, light and air flow in and, in some cases, privacy and flexibility flows out.

Especially now, when homes are becoming offices, school rooms and exercise spaces as well as living spaces, does open plan living always work? Many homeowners have missed the ability to close off a space to provide privacy, some peace, and flexibility in their living


That’s where sliding doors can provide a brilliant compromise. Opening up spaces and providing a flexibility and adaptability in room planning, instantly converting an open plan area into two more intimate spaces. They allow a building’s layout to flow according to the occupants needs – for instance doors to a dining room closed for an intimate dinner, open for a large family party to allow guests to flow through the house. Closed for an important business meeting, open for an online yoga session.

Pocket doors become “sliding boundaries”, at the same time preserving the spatial

uniformity characteristic of a home. They disappear completely into the walls affording

rooms the permeability and transparency of an open space free from barriers, but capable

of creating strategic divisions when required.

Scrigno sliding door kits offer the ultimate in design flexibility when thinking how a home needs to work for the occupants. Because they don’t encroach into the room, disappearing into the wall, they do not interrupt the flow of a design, allowing light to stream through when needed, keeping sound out when that is just as important.

With a full range of easy-to-fit sliding door kits from Scrigno, we can provide the gear for pocket doors, shower doors, glass doors, even fire doors for new build or retrofit.

Ask us how Scrigno sliding pocket doors can revolutionise how you live in your home.

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