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Can pocket doors be fire doors ?

Even the most minimalist sliding pocket door can achieve an impressive FD 30 fire rating now that Scrigno has extended the fire resistance characteristics to its Essential sliding door models, without compromising their sleek aesthetics.

The Scrigno EI30 from Boss Door Control is a 30-minute rated FD30 sliding door kit. It features all of the time-saving pre-assembly characteristics of the Scrigno Essential range but can be used with fire doors up to 120kg in weight/44mm thickness. Other door thicknesses can also be accommodated as specials. This now means that attractive, space-saving, convenient sliding doors can be used in settings where a fire door is required, such as on an integral garage or in three storey homes.

The Scrigno FD30 Essential fire-rated sliding door system from Boss also can be supplied with necessary accessories like automatic self-closing mechanism, so that it works beautifully in any domestic setting. The system has been fully tested by an accredited test house and certified to BS476 Part 22: 1987.

The Essential EI30 pocket door solution allows the door to sit flush with the wall since it is especially designed for use in the most popular 125mm stud walls. Additionally, the architrave free system makes for an exceptionally sleek and discreet finish to the door.

Boss Door Controls was established in 2009 to offer a comprehensive range of door closers backed with market leading specification expertise. Now the company also offers a full range of Fortessa door furniture, Label door automation solutions, and Scrigno pocket door systems as well as the wide range of specification door closers that it is best known for. Boss products have been used extensively around the globe on many varied projects including schools, hospitals, colleges, student accommodation, offices, leisure centres, and hotels as well as residential schemes.

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