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Scrigno Slow Details

Pneumatic system for slow sliding door closure

The innovative pneumatic system for slow sliding door closure.

Kit Dinamico is an accessory for use with the Scrigno Base (single and double) and Scrigno Pratico framing systems.

The kit can be extremely easily fitted both on new installations of Scrigno Gold products and on existing installations, with no work needed on the frame structure, just by simply removing the door.

Permits automatic door closure with total or partial slowing of movement, preventing possible risks. Kit Dinamico makes rooms look neater, and is perfect for doors that must usually be kept closed (e.g. vestibules, bathroom entrances).

The braking space can be varied.

The application of Kit Dinamico has no effect on door sliding, and only slightly reduces the overall opening space.

The product is supplied to permit the slow closure of doors up to a weight of 40 kg.

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